Tasha Fleming standing down as Pimlico Puffins Chair

Farewell from Tash Fleming

We are all still reeling from news that Tash is leaving Pimlico Puffins after so long but look forward to a new era under Daiga’s leadership. Tash leaves us with a few departing words.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of Puffins for 15 fantastic years. Monday nights have been a rich source of wonderful memories, a place to make close friends and see an incredible number of people improve their swimming. It has been a very hard decision to step away, but my children are at an age where they need more from me.

My 5 year old asked me today if I miss Puffins. Of course I do, and I know it will be a hole for a long time yet, but I am comforted that Daiga and the committee will do a brilliant job leading the club in the coming months and years. It has been an honour to be part of such an incredible club, thank you all for the special part you each play.


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